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Doctor Supervised

doctorArizona Wellbeing is a doctor supervised corporate wellness clinic specializing in personal and corporate health through a comprehensive approach to weight loss and over all well-being. We offer the benefits of vitamin B6/B12 energy injections for both our weight loss patients as well as for those patients who are looking for an amazing energy boost all while on-site at corporate locations. We also offer our program to friends and family of corporate employees at our office in Scottsdale.

specializedAlong with the B6/B12 energy injections we offer a Lipotropic weight loss program which assists in healthy weight loss while promoting health and wellness to your liver and adrenals system. With both the B6/B12 and Lipotropic weight loss programs we educate and re-train individuals about proper eating habits and nutrition. We feel that loosing weight is only part of weight loss process.  Gaining the knowledge necessary to make a lifestyle change to permanently keep weight off is the essential key to a lifetime of good health.

Through one-on-one counseling, the program will educate you on food groups, food combinations, portion monitoring and how your body metabolizes them. We teach this with regular foods that you buy at your grocery store, not with boxed or pre-packaged foods.
Our goal is to help you feel better about yourself and your body. Patients in our weight loss program often report a decreased cholesterol level, lowered blood pressure, benefits in managing type two diabetes,  increased energy , less joint pain and an over all feeling of wellness.

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