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Eat Sensibly
Avoid Fad Diets.  Eat three sensible meals daily, Limit fats and fatty foods, sugars, soda and alcohol.

Exercise Daily:

Become Active and exercise everyday! Walking is great cardio. You can burn fat and feel great!

Reshape Eating Habits

Beware of eating and shopping behaviors that lead to overeating. Also focus on social and emotional situations that make you snack compulsively.

Keep a Food Diary

A diary helps you to see exactly what you eat and drink.  It is an excellent motivator and keeps you honest!

Estimating Body Fat Percentage

Body fat percentage is a better indicator of health than total weight.

Measure body fat

CLICK BELOW to calculate your:




Healthy Body Fat ranges:

Under 30
Over 30
Under 30
Over 30
*Note: Less than 13% body fat in women is considered unhealthy

Waist Measurement
(High Health Risk!)

Over 39 inches
Over 34 inches

Body Fat and Obesity:
(High Health Risk)

Above 25% body fat
Above 32% body fat

Women who become obsessed
with dieting away their thighs and buttocks on an otherwise lean body, are fighting mother nature and may well be inviting health problems. If you are within a healthy weight range, it is better to exercise regularly to maintain body shape, rather than to be constantly dieting and lacking in energy. Accept your body shape and focus on other pursuits and enjoying life

fruitBody Fluid Changes:
Body weight fluctuates from day to day.
This is mainly due to changes in all body fluids which make up around 70% of the total body weight.  It can be affected by changes in hormone levels, dietary factors such as sale and Carbohydrates, and even exercise. 

This is why we shouldn’t allow every fluctuation in weight to rule our lives. To limit fluid retention, avoid salty foods and use no added salt in foods. Eating sufficient fruits and vegetables supplies extra potassium which counteracts sodium and encourages fluid loss.  However do not limit water intake. Be sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.  When dining out, be aware that the extra pound or two that might show on the scale the next day is not the result of a small dietary indiscretion.  It is more likely due to fluid retention resulting from more highly seasoned and salty foods.  Monthly hormonal changes in women can also account for buildup of fluids and several pounds prior to menstruation


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